Arts-and-crafts camp in Fort St. James

The District of Fort St. James offers a variety of summer camps including an arts-and-crafts camp for kids.

Caitlin Burdeniuk leads a directional drawing class during the arts-and-crafts summer camps offered at the District of Fort St. James.

Crafting for kids just got more exciting with the Crafty Creations summer camp.

“You find friends, and get to make sun catchers, and you get to stick your hands in the gross gooey stuff,” said Waydeann Sherper, 6, about the paper mache aquariums the kids made during last weeks arts-and-crafts camp.

Over the summer the District of Fort St. James offers a variety of summer camps with a range of topics such as sports, baking and crafts.

The crafty creations camp had kids using their imaginations with different two and three dimensional crafting such as making 3D aquariums, ocean in a bottle, sun catchers, and directed drawing.

The directional drawing technique has a leader draw one shape at a time until a full picture is drawn. The kids follow along drawing their own step-by-step version such as a circe that turns into a fish or a triangular shape that turns into an ice-cream cone. Once the picture is created the kids can colour in the background.

The summer camp co-ordinator Caitlin Burdenuik, 22, plans all the summer events for the camp and wants to go to school to become an elementary school teacher.

“I like to play and get paid for it,” jokes Ms. Burdenuik. “Iv’e always liked working with children, it seems we’ve always had a special bond. I noticed it when I used to babysit.”

There is still room in some of the upcoming camps including busy builders, hoop dancing and FSJ olympic games. There are also two free days coming up on August 20 and 25. For more information call the District of Fort St. James at 250-996-8233.