Who is your hometown hero?

Pacific Western Brewing (PWB) has begun the first of four B.C.-wide searches for hometown heroes.

Pacific Western Brewing (PWB), official sponsor of the 2015 Canada Winter Games, has begun the first of four B.C.-wide searches for hometown heroes.

Kazuko Komatsu, owner and CEO of PWB, said: “We are honoured to support the goals of the 2015 Canada Winter Games by identifying and supporting athletes and community leaders and mentors who have shown the potential to become Canada’s future ambassadors.”

Starting on new year’s day and continuing until Jan. 31, PWB is accepting applications in the first of four search rounds. Rounds two, three and four will begin April 1, Sept. 1, 2014 and Jan 1, 2015.

In each round of the search a hometown hero will be selected from each of four regions – northern B.C., greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan/Kootenays.

“At least 16 heroes will be selected from all regions of B.C. in four rounds leading up to the games in February 2015,” Komatsu said. “Our heroes will be receiving bursaries representing a portion of PWB proceeds from the sale of our fine products. We started this program in 2002 and we have supported many young athletes and other community heroes whose extraordinary endeavours inspire us all.”

Application to the Hometown Heroes program is open to any B.C. resident currently engaged in sports as an athlete or coach, or otherwise excelling in a community mentoring activity. Applicants must be at least 19 years old. Candidates will demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship; proven interest, ability and passion in the pursuit of their sport; a dedication to their learning with a strong track record of academic success; and, a well-rounded lifestyle including community involvement.

Application forms are available online at: http://www.pwbrewing.com.

Two letters of recommendation by a non-relative should accompany the application. Email the application to:   mailto:mail@pwbrewing.com or mail to: Hometown Heroes Bursaries, PWB Foundation, 3876 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 4T9.