Burlesque, blues and lingerie.

Sasparilla Foxx along with two members of music group High Society rocked the North Arm Pub in Fort St. James last Friday, Nov. 28

Sasparilla Foxx brought her burlesque performance to Fort St. James last Friday at the North Arm Pub.

It was sexy, sultry, soulful and silly… It was burlesque in Fort St. James?

While burlesque and Fort St. James are not often synonymous they came together beautifully last Friday night at the North Arm Pub.

Fans filled the venue for the Music on the Mountain sponsored event.

Beginning with opening act Barefoot Caravan’s reggae-rock, concert-goers quickly filed onto the  dance floor.

It wasn’t long until the main acts were up as Chelsea D.E. Johnson and Adam Farnsworth took the stage.

Johnson and Farnsworth are two parts of the four piece soul-jazz-blues-rock act High Society.

High Society is based out of Vancouver, has released two records and performed at events as renowned as Arts Well and the Robson Valley Music Festival.

The duo are currently on their Small Wonders tour and stopped by Fort St. James to bring some lower mainland flavour to the north.

The band’s fusion of genres is a throwback to the 30s and 40s eras of jazz and soul but manages to bring maintain a contemporary feel.

Their musical stylings reek of romance and nostalgia conjuring up images of love, heartache, travel, smoke and whiskey all delivered with an unrefined elegance.

For all of these reasons Johnson and Farnsworth were the perfect musical accompaniment for Sasparilla Fox, the nights burlesque performer.

When it comes to Foxx she embodies the stereotype of the fiery redhead.

Foxx took the stage wearing a black shirt and shirt which were quickly shed for a provocative and sensual red, white and black lingerie outfit that matched both her hair in colour and her performance in attitude.

Taking full command of the audience Foxx delivered a performance that was undeniably sexy but also possessed a level of class and artistic value.

“It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to perform for such an eager crowd,” Foxx said. “And a bonus that I got to bust out with a few of my favourite fellow artists. Fort St. James knows how to put on their party pants and support the live arts in the best way.”

Foxx is the owner of the Quesnel based burlesque company Bottoms Up Baring Burlesque where she teaches burlesque dancing as well as cabaret and vaudeville.

“I’m thrilled to be able to come up and teach the art of burlesque to such an inspiring group of women,” said Foxx. “I’d have to say that’s my favourite part.”

Neither Foxx nor Johnson and Farnsworth are newcomers to Fort St. James, both have performed in town before and Foxx has enlisted a number of residents into a burlesque troupe.

To add to the nights bedroom theme, Fort St. James’ homegrown adult boutique, Leather and Lace were also present selling a variety of lingerie and other items.


Foxx will be returning to Fort St. James in the new year to perform with her burlesque troupe.