Sisters Connie (left) and Regan (right) comfort eachother after an unpleasant discovery at the Hickory Dickory Inn as part of the play Hickory Dickory Dead.

Music Makers kill ‘em

The Music Makers Society performed and produced the play Hickory Dickory Dead at the Music Makers Hall in Fort St. James.

They knocked them dead.

The audience that is, at the performance last weekend of Hickory Dickory Dead by the Music Makers Society.

The opening night on Friday, April 29 was only about half full, and there were a few first night mistakes, with some forgotten lines.

But those mistakes were minor, and quickly smoothed over or laughed off, and there were plenty more laughs on top of that.

The who-dun-it comedy had some stand-out performances as well, among the great characters.

Keeky, the “gushy over the top wife” of car salesman Clark was brilliantly done by Kris Cooper. She owned the stage during some scenes, and her makeup, hair and outfit were perfectly suited to the role.

Edgar Hill, played by Harvey Goff, was another impressive performance, as he actually had to play three roles for the part, as the “debonair” Englishman was discovered to be a famous actor on vacation who then helped discover the murderer’s identity with a small piece of acting.

But the entire cast did a fantastic job, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, and the audience, including myself, left with a smile on their faces.


The group is now recruiting for future performances, and anyone interested in helping out acting, set decorating, advertising, makeup or music can call  Rosemary Allan at 250-996-8997 or Heike Fonda at 250-996-7006.