A successful finish. Photo Barbara Latkowskis

Recital ends a successful season

He published his first composition at 11-years-old. He often dipped his head in cold water before composing. And he was very temperamental at only 5 ft 3.

Beethoven was the theme of the last recital from Norma Hoy’s piano students on June 1 at Fort St. James Secondary School.

Students were eager to finish by sharing fun facts and music from the composer.

“We all really enjoyed discovering interesting facts about Beethoven for our recital and some facts being new to me,” said piano teacher, Norma Hoy.

“All of my students have worked hard in the past year and have progressed in their knowledge and enjoyment of music.”

Maria Sala Cybulski played an impressive piece of Ode to Joy.

Exam students, Oshen and Hannah Wingerter, shared their talents with Minuet in G.

The Sunbeams 1 Class showed off their skills with various pieces including, Handel’s Slow Dance, 123 Dance with Me by O. Riddell and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, a definite favorite throughout the evening.

Mandy Dione, Julia Haskel and Shayla Ramsey all played inspiring pieces including Beethoven’s Fur Elise, his 5th Symphony and an excerpt from his 7th Symphony.

The Sunbeams 2 Class, Katie Frasier, Conor Duncan and Emily Boyd were all eager to share Beethoven classics for family and friends.

A stunning Bell Ensemble including parents and Hoy added a unique version of Ode to Joy.

And Hoy ended the evening with a splendid rendition of Beehoven’s Pathetique Sonata-2nd Movement.

The Sunbeam 1 class received certificates for completing a successful first season of piano.

Students are: Tessa Duncan, William Teegee, Braelyn Pacheco, Tahirah Soles, Brynn Kitchen and Joseph Walsh.

“I am looking forward to continuing to discover new things together with returning students in fall and any new students,” Hoy said.

Norma Hoy is a music and piano teacher in Fort St. James.


Students from the Music for Young Children Sunbeams 1 Class.

Braelyn Pacheco

Tessa Duncan

Brynn Kitchen

Maria Sala Cybulski