100th day of school celebrations

100th day of school celebrations100th day of school celebrations

  • Wed Feb 22nd, 2017 7:00am
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Celebrating 100 days of school in Fort St. James.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

The 100th day of school was celebrated in schools in Fort St. James during the week of Feb. 13 – 17.

Students from Nak’albun Elementary School and David Hoy Elementary School partook in various activities highlighting 100 days in school.

The 100th day of school is celebrated in schools across British Columbia and throughout the country, usually in mid-February.

Primary classes enjoyed a break from the normal routine as they practiced their math skills using games and activities based on the number 100.

Students brought in various treats such as: 100 marbles, 100 carrots and 100 pretzels for all to enjoy and yes, to count.