Photo Pinterest Blackberry’s QNX SYNC infotainment system

BlackBerry will prove its doubters wrong

Toronto, Ontario – BlackBerry Limited has seemingly redefined itself, as the Company changed its strategy to focus its business on software and services that secure, manage, and connect the enterprise of things. This begins a new chapter in the history of BlackBerry. The Company we all knew best for its QWERTY keyboard smartphone that dominated the early 2000s has stopped producing hardware as it aims to become a leading software and services company. Experts believe BlackBerry as a software company will succeed due to the following reasons:Moving to a software licensing model has significantly improved the Company’s financial health

BlackBerry has a brand reputation of being a top tier software security company

Hype around BlackBerry QNX infotainment system, especially software applications in the automotive industry

– files from FSCwire press release