Book a trip: summer reading club 2016

School might to over for the summer but the love of reading continues at the For St. James Public Library.

  • Thu Jul 14th, 2016 5:00am
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Emma Rumley excited to begin the Book a Trip Program at the Fort St. James public Library.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

School might to over for the summer but the love of reading continues at the For St. James Public Library.

The Book a Trip program has already begun and Co-op student Emma Rumley is thrilled with response so far.

“Kids are always so curious. I love this. There’s always something different to explore when it comes to reading,” Rumley said.

Rumley has joined the library for the summer in Fort St. James. She is currently studying Children’s Library science at The University of British Columbia.

“I’m so happy to be here. Anyone can join this program. It will be a fun experience for all,” Rumley said.

It’s not too late for kids to join the free program. Anyone interested can contact the Fort St. James Public Library at: (250) 996-7431.

Book A Trip Weekly Schedule:

July 5 – Discover the Universe- The universe is a big, big place full of mysteries! Make your own constellations, create some aliens and help set off a baking-soda rocket!

July 6 – Special Visit From the Space Centre – Voyage into outer space with this hour a a half presentation put on by experts from the MacMillan Space Centre. Learn about the science behind rockets, what it would take to live on another planet and the discovery of exo-planets.

July 12 – Explore Your Own Backyard – Come back down to earth and re-discover the world around you! You will learn about the plants and animals right in your own backyard.  Activities will include rock painting, map making and animal charades.-

July 19 – Wander into The Past – Travel back in time and explore the Mysteries of The Past. Dinosaur fossils, Egyptian hieroglyphics and medieval castles – you will make them all!

July 26 – Tour the World – Travel the globe from the comfort of your own library. Learn about different cultures and their art and make some art of your own.

August 2 – Travel using your Imagination – You can go anywhere and do anything when you use your imagination! Make cardboard daggers and shields to fight off dragons or make a magic wand.

August 9 – Journey by Plane, Train and Automobile – When you take a trip, sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination. What’s your favorite way to travel? Design your own vehicle of the future. Make a waterproof boat or race cardboard cars.

August 16 – Play around the Globe – Play games and crafts from around the World.

August 23 – Medal Ceremony – Your hard work will be rewarded with a meadal and a prize complete with snacks, music and fun!