Car hits the ditch, no one injured

A single vehicle accident resulted in no injuries but the vehicle spent the night in the ditch on Tuesday

Tuesday night at about 10 p.m., a car driving on Highway 27 just south of Airport Road was forced into the ditch by an oncoming logging truck, according to the driver.

The logging truck was in the centre of the road, and the driver of the car left the highway to avoid hitting the logging truck.

The driver of the car was the lone occupant of the vehicle and didn’t sustain any serious injuries. The logging truck did not stop.

Felecia Keller of Isola Bella Pizzeria was driving by after the accident and saw skids marks on the road and then noticed the car in the ditch. Once she realized the driver was still in the car, and a bit shaken up, Keller brought her into her own vehicle to wait until family arrived to pick the driver up.

The RCMP responded to the scene only to determine the car was not a hazard to the road.

The vehicle spent the night in the ditch, but was scheduled to be towed out on Wednesday.