A Chevrolet Blazer SUV left alongside the Cunningham Forest Service Road after it was involved in a rollover accident.

Fisherman lost – then found

A search was activated to locate a Prince George fisherman when his damaged vehicle was found abandoned.

A search was activated to try and locate a Prince George fisherman when his damaged vehicle was found abandoned on a Fort St. James forestry road.

The RCMP were called on Sept. 30 at 10:42 a.m. to a report of a sport utility vehicle at the 958 km board of the Cunningham Forest Service Road.

At the scene, RCMP found a grey Chevrolet Blazer had been involved in a rollover accident and was sitting 30 feet off of the road, but the driver was nowhere to be found and there was blood on the seat.

RCMP spoke to the owner’s roommate, who reported the man had left for a fishing trip in the area on Sept. 23, and was not expected back until the weekend of Oct. 5.

Given the circumstances of the vehicle, Fort St. James RCMP brought in search dogs, but nothing was found.

They then activated search and rescue, who proceeded to set up to begin a search in the area.

Before the search was underway, however, the fisherman attended the search site and reported he had left the scene of the accident with a friend and had been staying in his campsite.

The only injury the man suffered was a cut to his hand.

RCMP said the vehicle remains in their impound while ICBC investigates.