Fort St James Minor Hockey Players hit the Ice

On October 4, the Fort Forum opened for a new hockey season.

  • Wed Oct 12th, 2016 11:00am
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The Tykes hit the ice for the first time this season at the Fort Forum

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

On October 4, the Fort Forum opened for a new hockey season.

As the Fort St. James Minor Hockey players hit the ice, some for the first time, excitement filled the air in a newly renovated arena.

“The arena has a new roof, new dasher boards, new and higher glass and new netting on both sides of the arena,” said arena manager, Tony Pacheco.

Fort St. James Minor Hockey President, Jeremy Johnson, is thrilled about a new season and all that it will bring.

As the Tykes hit the ice, Johnson couldn’t help but look with excitement.

“It’s so great to see so many new faces. We’ve had a good turnout this year and with the new initiation program, these kids will go far,” Johnson said.

The Initiation Program (IP)/Cross Ice is British Columbia’s exclusive program for young players, 8 years and under, and is now in effect all across the province.

“This is aimed at improving player development and the results will be amazing,” Johnson said.

According to B.C. Hockey, the benefits of the program are to teach the foundational skills of hockey but while having fun at the same time.

Cross-ice hockey will allow for players to have more opportunities when it comes to direction changes, puck passes and pass attempts. Puck battles are doubled and shots per player are six times higher for each player.

B.C. Hockey continues to promote lifelong hockey experiences and evidence does show that children who learn the skills while having fun will participate in the sport year after year.

Fort St. James Minor Hockey encourages anyone interested to come out and play.

You can register online at: or email