Fort St James Travel Club back from memorable European Tour

For Travis James, it’s all about providing travel opportunities for local students.

  • Wed May 4th, 2016 6:00am
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The Travel Club from Fort St. James Secondary School at Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

For Travis James, it’s all about providing travel opportunities for local students.

The Fort St. James Secondary School teacher has also been the group leader for the Travel Club for the last 10 years.

“This is something I wish my high school offered,” James said. “I wanted to see the world.”

And so he did.

Since coming to FSJSS, James has taken about 300 students and members of the community on trips around the world.

“This really is a community activity. It’s not just limited to students.”

The Fort St. James Travel Club embarks on yearly two week educational tours all over the world.

From March 23-April 4, 30 students and community members embarked on a trip to Europe including: Poland, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Student from grades 8-12 participated and were thrilled to have had the opportunity.

For many it was their first time venturing off to Europe.

“I love the buildings and the culture,” grade 10 student, Sarah Sabo said.

For Ross Willick, the food was a definite highlight.

“It was all so different. And the soups were so good,” he said.

It was a dream come true for many.

“I really wanted to see the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, It was amazing,” grade 11 student, Sydney Thompson said.

“And the cathedral in Poland was beautiful,” grade 9 student, Shahaila Hoy said.

But all in all, there was one memory that seems to have imprinted the minds of all these travellers from Fort St. James.

“For me the most memorable was Auschwitz, grade 8 student Ursan Kitchen said. “Just finding out the truth about what happened, there’s so much history.”

For James, it’s an important event in history and one that he is happy to have shared with his group.

“Everyone should be aware of how this event has impacted humanity and has had such significance in history. For our students to see it, it becomes real rather than just learning from a textbook,” James said.

The Travel Club tours are planned and organized two years in advance.

“This allows more people to plan ahead and take part,” James said.

The next tour in 2017 is currently full. It will take travellers to England, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

In 2018, a trip to Japan will be offered. There are still spaces available.

If interested and for more information, contact Travis James at: (250) 996-7126.