International initiatives

School District 91 Business Company has received start-up funding.

  • Mon Dec 19th, 2011 11:00am
  • News

Ray LeMoigne, president of the School District No. 91 Business Company, informed the trustees that the School District 91 Business Company has now received the funds required to sustain the start up activities for the company.

This will allow them to move forward with phases one and two of their business plan.

The business company is “moving ahead with delivering an English language learning program to start in February and we will also be offering advance placement courses in English,” said LeMoigne.

He also reported to the board that “we are not just exploring relationships with the school district,” indicating there have been meetings with post secondary institutions as well.

The funding was secured through the Northern Development Initiative Trust, which has loaned the business company their start-up funding.

Charlene Seguin, superintendent of  School District 91 thanked LeMoigne for taking a risk and stepping out on a limb with the China project and feels this “will bring exciting opportunities for our students.”

NVSS student, Shaylene Syrota, was joined by Principal, Mrs. Lynn Maksymchak, and teachers, Mrs. Leslie Silver and Mrs. Sandy Humphrey, to report on their recent trip to China. This was a trip that exceeded all expectations and they thanked the Board and the school for allowing this trip to take place.  They were able to go places that tourists are not able to go and were treated extremely well.  Through the tours they went on they were able to see aspects of ‘China of the past’ and also the ‘new China’. Mrs. Silver indicated that “we have a lot to learn from each other, so these kinds of exchanges are of great value for our teachers, students, and schools.”