Is the Hwy. 16 bus schedule confusing?

B.C. Transit: Any time a new service begins there will be constructive feedback

While some local residents say they’ve found the schedule of the new bus service along Hwy. 16 confusing, B.C. Transit officials say they’ve only received positive feedback.

The new bus service, which began operating on June 19, connects communities along the highway between Burns Lake and Prince George Tues, Thursday and Saturday. And the same service connects communities from Burns Lake to Smithers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“What we heard so far is excitement,” said Jonathon Dyck, a spokesperson for B.C. Transit.

“The idea behind that was getting people access to better opportunities and providing access between communities for work, recreation and shopping,” he continued.

Dyck said the schedule was developed based on input from local consultation in the summer of 2016.

“When we’re introducing a new service, it can take time for people to get used to it, including the scheduling and routing,” he said. “We recognize that any time a new service begins there will be constructive feedback.”

“We want people to feel comfortable with the schedule, and how to access the bus, so we’re happy to work with them on that,” he added.

The public is encouraged to provide feedback to B.C. Transit by calling 855-499-1119, or by contacting them online at nechako.

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