Province-wide gun amnesty in the month of June

Gun amnesty allows area gun owners to turn in unwanted firearms.

  • Tue Jun 18th, 2013 5:00am
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Province Wide Gun Amnesty in the Month of June


Nearly halfway through the B.C. Gun Amnesty, the Prince George RCMP are hoping more persons take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of unwanted guns to help make our community safer.

Two weeks into the 30-day provincial amnesty, the Prince George RCMP have received calls from 12 residents requesting an officer to attend and remove unwanted firearms and weapons.


Of the 12 calls for service, 18 firearms made up of 15 long guns and three hand guns have been relinquished by the owners.  The types of firearms surrendered are:


  • .303 rifles (4)
  • .22 rifles (5)
  • 30-06 rifle
  • 12 gauge shot gun (3)
  • 20 gauge shot gun
  • .410 shot gun
  • .22 revolvers (2)
  • .38 revolver




Of those persons that turned over the guns, eight were male and four were female.   Two persons turned over their firearms because the guns were very old and would not likely be used again.  Two other persons turned in firearms that belonged to their spouse that passed away.

Ammunition, magazines, holsters, a pellet gun, pellets and CO2 cartridges were also relinquished.

From June 1st to June 30, 2013, the RCMP and municipal police forces throughout the province will be participating in a province wide gun amnesty.

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If residents of Prince George or the surrounding area have unwanted firearms, weapons or ammunition, this is the perfect opportunity to help make your home and our community a little bit safer.

If you would like to surrender unwanted firearms, weapons or ammunition, please call (250)561-3300 and request an officer attend your residence to pick them up.  Please do not bring them to the Detachment.

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