Stuart Lake Co-op Housing, we can do it!

Stuart Lake Co-op President Pete Valk viewing the new rental units under construction last month. Photo submitted

Stuart Lake Co-op Housing is in the process of purchasing an existing complex of four rental buildings at 158 &174 West 2nd Ave from Ouellette Bros Construction. The development consists of two existing buildings completed in 2016 and two new buildings, construction of which is nearing completion. The eight existing building units are fully rented and the developer states that they have a waiting list of individuals interested in renting the new units as soon as they become available

The original vision of Stuart Lake Co-op Housing was to construct a new facility to provide Affordable Housing for Seniors in Fort St James however, as we are now purchasing an existing fully occupied rental complex, members need to know that there, are and will continue to be, tenants in the development that are not senior citizens. In addition to an Equity Grant of $1,200,000, BC Housing is supplying the Co-op with long term financing and extensive development support. While future vacancies will be filled according to identified community housing needs, and that meet both BC Housing and Stuart Lake Co-op Housing tenant criteria, it remains the long term goal of the Co-op board that the complex will evolve into the seniors housing development originally envisioned.

The two new buildings are expected to be completed and available for occupancy by the late fall of 2017. The Stuart Lake Co-op Housing will take possession of the property as soon as construction and all legal work is completed. Until the Co-op is the owner of the property, unit rentals will be arranged directly through the developer. Individuals that are interested in renting a unit or, that want to their name placed on the Waiting List for the complex, please contact Lorraine Ouellette directly at 250 996 3621 or via email ( more information on the Stuart Lake Housing Co-operative or to become a Co-op member, please contact:

Pete Valk at (250) 996-7018 or via email at or Shauna Hesse at One Sparc at (250)996-8240 or via email at