Students launch massive “Get Out The Vote” campaign for provincial election

Students in British Columbia have launched a province-wide initiative

VANCOUVER—Students in British Columbia have launched a province-wide initiative, titled “Students Are Voting”, to mobilize post-secondary students to vote this May.

“Over the next 53 days we will be reaching out to tens of thousands of college and university students. Student leaders and volunteers will be fanning out across campuses engaging students directly and encouraging them to get out and vote by May 9th,” said Simka Marshall, Chairperson of the British ColumbiaFederation of Students.

“Students and youth turned out in record numbers in the past Federal election and helped tip a number of very close races. Our message to students is simple: this election will be incredibly close, every vote will count, and every vote will make a difference.”

Students Are Voting will focus on peer-to-peer relationships at university and college campuses in all parts of British Columbia, and recruit students to directly reach out to their classmates, colleagues, and friends to sign a “pledge to vote” card. These ‘points of contact’ will be reinforced through targeted social media outreach and online engagement, resources, and support. More information about the Students Are Voting campaign, and an online pledge to vote, can be found at:

The British Columbia Federation of Students is composed of post-secondary students from 14 universities and colleges in every region in BC. Post-secondary students in British Columbia have been represented by the British Columbia Federation of Students and its predecessor organizations since 1966.

For more information, contact: Simka Marshall, Chairperson (604) 733-1880,

Jenelle Davies, Secretary-Treasurer (604) 733-1880,



The 2015 Federal election saw the highest turnout amongst youth in BC in a generation. In 2015, 63.9% of youth in BC (18-24) voted, compared to only39.9% in the 2011 Federal election — a 24 point increase over 4 years. Moreover, BC youth had the 2nd highest voter turnout amongst provinces in 2015.Voting is a behavioural trait, once someone votes they are much more likely to vote again.

The 2013 provincial election came down to seven ridings and less than 3,300 votes. Of these two came down to less than 200 votes. That’s it! We will constantly remind youth that every vote matters and that every vote will make a difference.