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Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope celebrated in sixth stamp marking Canada 150

Stamp honours Canadian icon and one of Canada’s unforgettable moments from the last 50 years

Terry Fox’s sister Judith Fox unveiled a stamp on May 25, 2017, honouring her brother’s remarkable Marathon of Hope in 1980, which inspired Canadians, captivated a country, and launched a lasting legacy across Canada and around the world.

Judith Fox unveiled the stamp at a ceremony at City Hall in St. John’s, N.L., not far from Mile 0 – the spot where the Marathon of Hope began on April 12, 1980 when Terry Fox dipped his artificial right leg into the Atlantic Ocean. Children from Roncalli Elementary in St. John’s also participated in the ceremony and proudly displayed posters explaining how Fox has inspired them to believe they can achieve whatever goals they have in life.

Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope is one of the most identifiable and cherished events in Canadian history. It remains an enduring symbol of courage, selflessness and hope. Fox was only 18 years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer and had his right leg amputated. Three years later, Fox launched his Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer research. He ran close to a marathon a day (approximately 42 kilometres) for 143 days, raising millions of dollars during the run and immediately afterward.

Fox ran a total of 5,373 kilometres – more than halfway across Canada – before having to stop his Marathon of Hope near Thunder Bay, Ont. on Sept. 1, 1980 because cancer had spread to his lungs. Fox’s lasting legacy continues to inspire Canadians Fox continues to be a hero to generations of Canadians who honour his legacy by participating in the annual Terry Fox Run at locations around the world.

The Terry Fox Foundation, which organizes the runs, has raised more than $700 million worldwide for cancer research, while the Terry Fox Research Institute is helping to improve health outcomes for cancer patients everywhere. Fox’s determination and amazing achievement have also changed public perceptions of people with physical disabilities.

The Marathon of Hope is the sixth of 10 stamps being issued by Canada Post to celebrate Canada 150.

The stamps mark unforgettable moments in Canada since our country’s centennial in 1967. Each stamp in the set has been unveiled by a distinguished Canadian individual or group related to the moment being celebrated. The location of each stamp launch also directly relates to the moment being commemorated.

SOURCE Canada Post


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