Underdog no more?

When MP Nathan Cullen announced his bid for the leadership of the federal NDP in September he called himself an “underdog.”

Skeena-Bulkley MP Nathan Cullen announced his bid for the leadership of the federal NDP in September, and at that point he called himself an “underdog.”

Cullen said he expects another contender to enter the race, giving nine candidates for the party leader and leader of the Official Opposition. The winner will also be given the keys to the prestigious Stornoway residence in Ottawa.

Since then, he has been across the prairies, visiting Quebec, will be touring B.C. and is heading out to Atlantic Canada.

Life on the road is not new to Cullen, who already has to spend his time divided between Ottawa and a geographically huge riding.

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s great talking to Canadians, … about what kind of country they want to see,” said Cullen.

He said he feels better about his position, pointing out he would likely be the only candidate who won their riding just ahead of a Conservative in the last election.

He will also be one of the youngest going for the top spot in a party which has seen a large increase in support from youth.

His leadership campaign he feels is distinguishing itself based on policy, and while Maclean’s recently published a piece which made fun of Cullen’s desire to bring climate change to the top of the national agenda, he appears to be sticking to his guns.

“I’m feeling like we can be a campaign of ideas — and Lord knows the country needs new ideas,” said Cullen.