Weekend training camp for SAR

Update from Search and Rescue team member Chris Mashumanski

Six Nechako Valley Search and Rescue (SAR) members did some training on APril 1 and 2.

On the April 1-2 weekend, there was no April fooling for six Nechako Valley Search and Rescue (SAR) members in training!

These hardy individuals spent 30 hours, including camping out overnight in below zero temperatures, wind and snow, completing a substantial portion of the Justice Institute BC Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) course, required for all search and rescue volunteers in B.C..

Elements of the weekend included completing a full search and rescue task, from the initial call out and briefing, then progressing through the three main search types, to a rescue, and then demobilizing after.

It was a busy and engaging weekend, and all six did a great job putting their previous five months of training into practice.

To become a search and rescue member, individuals must complete the required 75 hour GSAR course. The course includes how search and rescue is organized in B.C., the main search types, wilderness navigation, outdoor, winter and water safety, risk management, first aid, and more.

From there, members can take further training in team leading or managing a SAR incident, or technical rescue training such as rope rescue, swiftwater rescue or flat ice rescue.

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