Don’t let the fickle weather get you down in April

April is… whatever you make it

I have been bringing up the onset of spring and the in-between time a lot lately, and this is because it is something I think about.

I have been bringing up the onset of spring and the in-between time a lot lately, and this is because it is something I think about.

A lot.

The in-between seasons are great for getting certain things done, because we are not distracted by all the things we may like to do outside: snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, the list gets longer and longer. Hockey season is over now, soccer is not yet here.

While the weather outside can’t make up its mind if its spring, or winter, it becomes a great time to get some indoor things done which are easily avoided when trying to make the most of outdoor time. Things like spring cleaning and taxes. But we need fun things to do as well.

April as a month has a whole lot of causes associated with it as well which can help anyone to fill a little empty time a person may have.

National Volunteer Week is in April, a great time to look into some of the awesome volunteer opportunities in the community- and there are lots!

In Fort St. James, a great resource to find out what is out there and find the right fit for your volunteer time and energy is Volunteer Fort St. James, an organization whose sole purpose is to connect volunteers with organizations and opportunities which interest them. You can email or phone 996-8284 to get started.

Earth Day and Pitch-In Weeks are in April, always a great excuse to go for a walk and pick up some trash while you’re at it, making a difference to the community and your health, a win-win for everybody.

Cancer is also a big cause associated with April, and the fresh daffodils and daffodil pins being sold in communities across Canada will help raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

The organization says their goal is to eradicate cancer and they help fund clinical trials and other initiatives.

April is also home to Arts and Culture Week, so April is a great time to hunker down and hide from the mud indoors while you do a little creative crafting or take in some art or get involved in culture. If you can’t think of any projects to do, just go to Pinterest and look at the DIY and Crafts posts,  you’ll be overwhelmed and if you can not find something you like, well, you must not like anything, because there is so much on there you can literally spend hours just looking at project ideas – I know this from experience. In fact, even if you’re not that crafty, you can just look at Pinterest and marvel at all the creative ideas and people out there and run out of time to do anything yourself. I also know this from experience.

If you want company to do some artistic or cultural activities, then get in touch with one of the many cultural organizations in the community.

In Fort St. James, culture might not be as visible as in some places, but it is there.

The Community Arts Council of Fort St. James hosts workshops of many types, helps put on live musical performances and visual arts shows.

The Music Makers are the performing arts theatre group in town, putting on fantastic shows which always draw a crowd.

Music on the Mountain Society hosts live music performances in town and puts on the amazing festival of music and art at the end of August each year.

All of these organizations can always use members and volunteers with fresh ideas and energy.

So do not despair of the in-between season, but instead take advantage of the opportunity to try something new, pursue a new passion or give back to the community.

Celebrate the season of change.

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