Super support

Fort St. James shows some support for Sensible B.C.


Looking over the 120-plus signatures that Cindy and I gathered last Wednesday (in less than four hours I might add) makes me so proud of us in Fort St. James!

So many names, all familiar – friends, family and acquaintances – makes the heart go warm and fuzzy and we thank you all.

A nice surprise was when a retired RCMP officer stopped by and gladly signed our petition.

Also, a much love retired nurse. Thank you sir and thank you ma’am.

Send your friends.

We will be up town again this Wednesday and hopefully most of the Wednesdays left in our 90-day campaign.

A terrific start for a cause whose time has finally come.

Registered voters interested in supporting Sensible B.C. may stop in and sign.

I have great faith in our town, so I know we’ll be seeing you.

Thanks again to all our supporters – let’s make this happen.


Mary Phillips

Sensible B.C.