Think globally, act locally

Voting in municipal elections seems to be the least favourite voting of the general public.

Make your mark.

That is what a lot of people want to do in life, and yet, when given the chance, few seem to bother.

Wrapped up in our own lives, busy and focused, we don’t take the opportunity to do something which literally takes only about 15 minutes, but the impact of which can resonate for three years, and the legacy of can resonate for decades.

The opportunity I am referring to is voting.

Voting in municipal elections seems to be the least favourite voting of the general public, with the lowest turnouts of the three levels of government.

But why is it people choose to come out and vote less for something closer to home?

The people who can raise property taxes, impact policing, develop or not develop infrastructure such as roads and tackle the very close to home issues of water, waste and sewer treatment are the very people you would vote for in municipal elections.

While municipal governments cannot take us to war, they can do many things which will impact everyone in the community’s daily lives.

On the bright side, while this paper will go to press just before people have their chance to vote for the mayor and council of Fort St. James for the next three years, I think there is clear interest this time around.

For whatever reasons, whether it is the bustle in town with a new infusion of economic activity or perhaps the frustration many seem to be feeling related to the roads and traffic in the area, people seem to care a little more.

While I do not know how many people with actually take the time to go to the poll and mark an x, I get the sense people in Fort St. James are interested in the results.


This is exciting, and I for one cannot wait to hear who will be running the ship for the next three years, and by the time you read this, we will.