Minister of State for Tourism and Small Business Naomi Yamamoto races towards the finish line with her borrowed dog team during the Caledonia Classic Sled Dog Races on Stuart Lake in Fort St. James.

Caledonia Classic Races 2014

Results from the first weekend of racing of the 2014 Caledonia Classic Sled Dog races.

  • Fri Mar 7th, 2014 11:00am
  • Sports

150-mile Stage Race Final Results

First: Alix Crittenden Pearson 11 hours 10 min 06 sec

Second: Normand Casavant 11 hours 32 min 24 sec

Third: Sam Palfrey 11 hours 55 min 36 sec

Fourth: Gerry Walker 13 hour 01 min 10 sec

Fifth: Sandy Burke 13 hour 02 min 38 sec

Sixth: Ann Douglas 13 hour 37 min 27 sec

Seventh: Jillian Lawton 14 hour 00 min 41 sec

Eight: Craig Rogerson 14 hour 15 min 43 sec



75-mile overnight results

First: Marcel Marin 7hrs 41min

Second: Alexander Gotsand 9hrs 32min

Third: Leah Gifford 10 hrs 30min

Fourth: Robert Gifford 11hrs 24min

Two teams decided their dogs were not up to making the full loop: Jeff Dinsdale and Jodi Verge.



Four Dog Sprint Final Results

First: Ken Bernard 27:31.31

Second: Dana Luck 29:20.37

Third: Sean Houghton 29:40.98

Fourth: Cory Hommy 31:38.90

Fifth: Nancy Hall 34:46.28

Sixth: Shellie O’Brien 36:46.60

Seventh: Nicole Swan 37:44.55

Eighth: Sandra Ungr 38:53.65

Ninth: Lexi Joinson 42:07.83

10th: Will Procter 44:05.92

11th: Anna-Lena Zepernich 48:14.46

12th: Karen Joseph 55:25.75



Six Dog Sprint Final Results

First: Dana Luck 36:44.24

Second: Ken Bernard 37:26.19

Third: Cory Hommy 41:00.17

Fourth: Karine Grenier 43:23.11

Fifth: Robyn Devins 43:43.13

Sixth: Kelly Bouchard 48:19.03

Seventh: Craig Houghton 51:38.08

Eighth: Lisa Joinson 52:03.28





10 Dog Sprint Results

First: Robert Peebles 63:40.77

Second: Ken Bernard 65:13.40

Third: Dana Luck 65:43.08

Fourth: Danny Savic 65:48.11

Fifth: Craig Houghton 69:29.49

Sixth: Terry Quesnel 77:24.37

Seventh: Jerry Joinson 85:36.68

Eighth: Joe Torok 94:47.08

Ninth: Ian Kitchen 100:16.09