AGM and historical presentation in Fort St. James

Fort St. James National Historic Site held an AGM Jan. 29.

Pat and Louis Gauthier

Pat and Louis Gauthier

The Friends of the Fort St. James National Historic Site held their AGM and historical Presentation on Thursday January 29, 2015.   Chair, Pat Short gave a short report on the activities of the Friends over the past season. We also had the financial report and minutes from last year`s meeting. One change that has come about for this year; the Friends’ memberships have been cut in half, the price this year is only five dollars. If you get yours by May 1, 2015 the Friends will pay for a portion of your park’s pass. You can purchase your Friends membership and park pass from any board member.    Election of Directors was completed with the addition of one director by acclimation, Terry Houghton. All last year`s directors; Pat Short, Phil Short, Gerry Ford, Marj Ford, Susan Salokannel, Lenore Aspell, Margaret-Ann Houghton and Terri-Ann Houghton stood for another year.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by Pat and Louis Gauthier.  It was a film of a trip they took on the Baldy Trail in search of Hugh Gillis’ grave.  The film was well worth the view; if you were not able to attend you can find it on YouTube.  Before we got into watching the film, Sharon Buck who has traveled the Baldy Trail by horseback four times, read a poem by her father Earl Buck.  He used to freight over the Baldy Trail to Manson Creek and wrote a poem about the ill-fated Hugh Gillis. A question and answer session over refreshments followed the film. Pat and Louis brought along artifacts found on the historic Baldy Trail and Sharon shared photos of her Father freighting that same trail. I look forward to the upcoming season at the Historic Park, with its many events that the Friends help support.  Come out and join us, the Historic Site opens June 1, 2015

Terri-Ann Houghton

Friends of the National Historic Site