Amateur cinemaphiles

Students in FSJSS’s media arts class are preparing to make movie magic.

Students in FSJSS’s media arts class are preparing to make movie magic.

My Fort St. James Video Project has put camera’s into the hands of high school students, and put CBC producer Joanne Malo at their disposal, to create their very own three-minute movie about their hometown.

“The kids are quite excited about making real videos that people will actually watch,” said And Sundahl, the media arts teacher at FSJSS.

The videos, once completed will not only be uploaded to youtube, but will also be played for people in the community at a gala event sometime in May, where awards will be voted on and given out.

Malo has produced all manner of programming at the CBC, from TV shows, to awards ceremonies to Olympic coverage, she has done it all. She’s bringing all that knowledge here to Fort St. James, and helping the students edit video and make the images in their head break forth into reality.

Malo, despite her experience, won’t be in the driver’s seat this time.

“They come up with an idea, then story board it. They decided what shots they want,” said Sundahl.

Everything from shot to concept is the result of the kids.

Though it’s still early in the project, the class has of yet to get the camera that they ordered for the project, ideas have been flowing, and the two classes have come up with production companied, logos included.


The project came from the minds of Emily Colombo, the Economic Development Officer for the municipality, after and Kevin Gelding from the Historic Site after discussions about Fort St. James reputation. Both thought that Fort St. James needed a more positive representation on the internet. Then when Malo moved to town, and stopped at the municipality office, the idea fell into place for Colombo.