Library notes

Some highlights of what is coming into the library in Fort St. James.

Interesting bios

Hockey and music are featured in two new biographies at the library. Bobby Orr’s new book, Orr, My Story is essential reading for hockey fans.

For music fans Hilburn’s Johnny Cash, the Life is the definitive biography of the tormented and brilliant American music legend.

I Am Malala: the Girl Who Stood Up For Education and Was Shoot By the Taliban is another bio that will be of interest.

Anyone interested in the Kennedys will have to borrow Rose Kennedy’s Family Album: From the Fitzgerald Kennedy Private Collection 1878 – 1946.


Traditional plant use

The library is also pleased to announce that we have two ethnobotanical dictionaries by famed anthropologist Daniel E. Moerman.

Native American Ethnobotany, his primary work, is a comprehensive account of the plants used by Native American peoples for medicine, food, and other purposes. Moerman has devoted more than 25 years to the compilation of the ethnobotanical knowledge slowly gathered over the course of many centuries and recorded in hundreds of firsthand studies of American Indians made over the past 150 years. This research has yielded a treasure-trove of information whose magnitude will surprise even those familiar with the anthropological and botanical literature: it documents Native American use of 4,029 kinds of plants with a total of 44,691 usages.

This massive volume of 927 pages is available for consultation in the library’s reference collection.

His Native American Medicinal Plants: An Ethnobotanical Dictionary is an 899 page abridgement of the larger work which focuses on the essential medicinal materials (3000 plants used by 218 Native American tribes).

The abridgement is available to be borrowed.

Both volumes have extensive indices including break down by tribe. Carrier, Northern Carrier and Southern Carrier are covered.