Provincial Government gives funding endorsement to Vanderhoof Airshow

The success of past Vanderhoof Airshows was acknowledged and its future success supported by the Provincial Government,

The success of past Vanderhoof Airshows was acknowledged and its future success supported by the Provincial Government, Wednesday May 21, 2014  at the BID Group Hangar at Vanderhoof Municipal Airport

Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad presented airshow officials with a major investment, giving this year’s event a strong tailwind. The Provincial Government is supporting the revamped air exhibition with a $25,000 cash infusion.

“We really want to thank our Liberal government for coming to the past couple of events, seeing the thousands of people who attended, and understanding how important this event is for the Vanderhoof region,” said Airshow Society member Glenn Pearce. “We appreciate all the hard work John did to bring this message to Victoria and convince his colleagues that this is a good investment, and it makes business sense.”

It is expected to more than pay the same amount back to provincial coffers through a stimulated local and regional economy. The Vanderhoof Airshow has been dormant for years but a resurgence in volunteer efforts and a thirst from audiences have brought the engines roaring back to life in the past two summers, triggering new dollars and unique circulation of dollars as a result.

It has also brought a familiar old feeling of pride to a town that has always played a large role in B.C.’s aviation history.

Everybody’s back into it,” said Pearce. “The airshow used to be part of Vanderhoof’s brand. We will see if we can bring that back to life again. So far the indications are very strong.”

In addition to large audiences and an aviation community lining up to be part of the performances and static displays on the ground, the event has already been a big help to other not-for-profit organizations. Causes like Cops for Cancer, Search and Rescue, the Vanderhoof Rangers, the school district music program, and many others have benefited from money or exposure obtained in partnership with the main event.

The $25,000 for operational funding gives more than one benefit to the airshow. “It takes a big load off the organizers’ minds to know that important cushion is there all in one fell swoop,” said Pearce, but he expects other potential sponsors will now have even greater confidence in the event. The opportunity to leverage even greater funds is lifting off.

The 2014 edition of the Vanderhoof Airshow happens August 8 and 9 under the wide skies of the Vanderhoof Municipal Airport.