A skier makes a splash in the slush pit during the Slush Cup festivities on March 18

A skier makes a splash in the slush pit during the Slush Cup festivities on March 18

Slush Cup 2012

Slush Cup 2012 was some colourful costumes and everything from sunshine to snow.

With the weather ranging from overcast to snowfall to pure sunshine during Slush Cup 2012 at Murray Ridge, participants had to plan accordingly.

Saturday saw some sunshine early on during the Hat Lake Hurl ski and board race, with the afternoon clouding over and some snow beginning to fall during another Rail Jam and Big Air event.

Sunday was overcast with some great fresh snow from the night before, and there were  all manner of events from kids games, to the mountain bike race (where brave bikers race their summer machines in very winter conditions down Cassiar to the bottom), the bath tub races (in which  teams must maneuver homemade snow chariots carrying one of the team  around gates  then across the finish), and finally, the Slush Cup itself, (where brave souls take a run at a small jump before pitching themselves into a pit of icy cold water).

It was all in good fun, with barbecued burgers and beers on the deck to raise funds for the ski patrol, some great costumes and prizes to boot.

Saturday’s Hat Lake Hurl race saw a large number of participants sign up, with some competitors from Prince George.

Gabriella Willick took first in the 10 to 15 age category for female skiers, Andrew Faullus was first in the 14 to 20 male skier group, Rodgrigo Alvarez was first in the over 20 male skiers and Jude Costello was first in the snowboarders.

The Big Air and Rail Jams saw fewer numbers than the weekend before, but still some great performances, and a range of ages.

Kobe Russell was first in the under 14 age group, Haley Sullivan took first in the 15 and over in the Rail Jam. Kealan Gataracre was first in the under 14 in the Big Air and Liam Willick was once again the winner of the 15 and over, but the top three apparently differed by as little as half a point in some cases, with Quinn Moeller and Haley Sullivan taking second and third respectively.

On Sunday, the Mountain Bike Race also drew a large number of riders, with a total of six competitors, but it was still race veteran Jeff Jones who blew away the competition.

The Bathtub Races drew three teams – up from last year when the race was cancelled because only one team entered.

This year’s winning team, called the Cinco Amigos (which I was a member of), had a small tub on skis and included superhero costumes. The second team was called the Girls from the Hood, and their “tub” was made from a car hood and the team was dressed as urban gangsters.

The third team, going by the name of “Top Gun,” used a canoe converted to an airplane as their vehicle, which looked very fast going around the gates.

The Slush Cup pit drew a number of participants, some who liked it enough to do it as many as three times, and a few participants even managed to skip across the water and not get wet, a daring but slightly dangerous maneuver.

All in all, it was a fun weekend, and yet another successful Slush Cup at Murray Ridge.