Photo Dave Birdi

Photo Dave Birdi

2017 Graduates and their future plans

Tess Amyot – plans to attend UNBC to obtain her Bachelor in Health Sciences followed by her Masters in Occupational Therapy at UBC. Recipient of the Integris Credit Union Scholarship, School District Scholarship, Dr. Brian Bowers Memorial Bursary, the FSJSS Staff Scholarship, Steelworkers Local 1424 Scholarship, UNBC Academic Achievers Award, and she’s one of the two UNBC scholars.

Jasmyn Dionne – plans to attend UNBC for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism and then would like to own and manage a resort. Recipient of School District Scholarship

Kent Anatole – plans to expand his knowledge in sports management and hopefully become a member of the E sports community. Recipient of the Principal’s Award, FSJSS Grad Class of 2015 Bursary, and the Mt. Milligan Bursary.

Sydney Tibbetts – plans to upgrade in January and then start College next fall to become an Athletic Therapist and possibly a coach as well. Recipient of the Nak’azdli Education Bursary.

Corbin Tom – plans to work for a while and then attending post secondary school.

Anna Auchstaetter – plans to work for Conifex for a year and then travel for half a year. Her long term goal is to go to school in Victoria to become a school counsellor.

Cassidy Swan – plans to continue to work Apollo and her long term plans are to attend school and see life outside of Fort St. James.

Lisa Baynes – plans to work towards becoming a hairstylist.

Emily Sulyma – plans on working in Fort St. James for a year and then taking counselling and human services at Columbia Bible College in Abbortsford. Recipient of the Courage to Continue Award, Stuart Lake Senior’s Association Bursary, Fort St. James Falcon Speed Skating Bursary.

Morgan Bennison – plans to be a carpentry wizard and a cool dude. Recipient of Canyon Tree Farms Inc. Bursary, FSJSS PAC Bursary, David Hoy Staff Bursary, Fort St. James Falcon Speed Skating Bursary, Private Citizen One Time Bursary, Debbie Amaral Scholarship, and the School District Scholarship.

Wayne Huang – future plans are to become a Mechanical Engineer, but for now he’d like to be a professional gamer. Recipient of the Les Huffman Memorial Bursary Les Kennedy Memorial Bursary, FSJSS Grad Class of 2016, Bargain Basement Bursary, and the UNBC Academic Achiever Bursary.

Wesley Best – plans on working around the Fort to save money for post secondary school. His goal is to become an RPF.

Callie Johnson – planning on getting a Degree in Animal Biology, and then she plans on going to Veterinarian School. Recipient of the School District Scholarship and the Iberdrola FSJSS Bursary.

Katrina Holden – has many different plans for her future.

Dani Dean – work for a year and then attend post secondary school.

Hargina Birdi – pursuing medicine at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver for the next four years, her long term plans include telling people that she’s studying medicine. Recipient of FSJ Youth Soccer Bursary, David Hoy PAC Bursary, FSJ TV &Radio Society Bursary, School District Scholarship, Nechako Valley Society of the Performing Arts Scholarship, and the UNBC Academic Awards.

Daniel Crook – plans to go to McGill University to earn a Degree in Mathematical Physics and eventually a Doctorate as well. Recipient of the Fort St. James Falcons Speed Skating Bursary, School District Scholarship, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #268 Bursary, Les Kennedy Bursary, and a Schooner Leader Scholarship.

Harry Goerz – plans on being a Shop Teacher, but first attend Fairview College to become a Motorcycle Mechanic. Recipient of the School District Scholarship and the Nechako Lakes Administrators Association.

Joran Wingerter – plans on going to university to achieve an MBA and eventually become a Financial Manager for a professional sports team.

Eric Besherse – short term plans are to continue working with Brendan Taylor running a brush saw, future plans are to build his own house.

Douglas Sam – Recipient of the Karen Sam Memorial Bursary.

Nikki Tom – plans to stay home work on moose hides, beading and doing some hunting.

Jocelyn Williams – short term plans are to move home to help her grandmother over the summer, after she would like to attend Hairdressing school as well as Massage school. Her long term plans are to move to a bigger city in Alberta.

Elyse Gammon – plans on attending UNBC and working towards a Bachelor of Arts and her long terms UBC Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology. Recipient of the Four Rivers Co-op Bursary, David Hoy Staff Bursary, School District Scholarship, Brulin Enterprises Scholarship, Vermillion Forks Fine Arts Bursary, UNBC Scholarships Award and she is one of the two UNBC Scholars.

Brielle Rivard – plands on attending Culinary School at CNC and then take some Business classes so she can open her own bakery. Recipient of the School District Scholarship, FSJ Volunteer Fire Dept &Aux Bursary, and the Christian 4H Helping Hands Bursary.

Jayden Greenaway – short term plans are to work and get his own pad as soon as possible. His long term plans are to become a Heavy Duty Mechanic just like his old man.

Josh Hilde – short term plans are to work for his father and be a Heavy Duty Mechanic and make lots of money so he can buy big toys.

Samial Holden – plans to pursue his career as a Musician and become a Carpenter. He would also like to have 10 kids with his wonderful, beautiful wife.

Eric Ranson – plans to become a Welder and a Heavy Duty Mechanic.

Nathan Johnson – plans to work for a year and then obtain a post secondary education and go pro in his racing career. Recipient of the School District Scholarship and the Joseph Paques Memorial Bursary.

Reid Klassen – plans on taking a Welding Foundation C level course at CNC in September, his long term plans include going into heavy duty mechanics. Recipient of School District Scholarship, Canfor and Canfor Pulp Scholarship and Woodlot 1880 Bursary.

Alexi Legebokoff – plans to working for a year at Conifex and then attending school to become a Milright.

Andrew Kemp – plans to earn a UNBC Bachelor of Arts in History, and his long term plan is to go into Education or Journalism. Recipient of the Courage to Continue Award and the YRB “Roads” Scholarship, and the Veronica Paques Memorial Bursary.

Nate Pierre – short term goal is to attend UNBC to obtain a Bachelor of Science, and to become more involved in Aboriginal youth, his long term plans are to join a Medical program and participate in Doctors without borders on Mercy Ships. School District Scholarship, Mt. Milligan Bursary, UNBC Academic Achievers Award, Tl’azt’en Nation Bursary and Taba Memorial Bursary.

Blake Joseph – plans to learn to drive and get a part time job.

Justine Felix – would like to get a job to help her make her community better.

Billy Williams – plans are to join the Canadian Armed Forces or possibly the RCMP. Recipient of the Shirley Buck Memorial Award.

Larissa Joseph – plans to find a job, upgrade her schooling and study to become a Hairdresser or Nurse. Recipient of the Thomas Memorial Bursary.

Bonita Rivard – plans to work and travel around.

Quinn Marin-Perrino – short term plans are to work and save money, long term plans are to become Electrician or a Mechanic.

Kane Marin – short term plan to work and have fun living, long term plan is to make it that far ahead.

Bryan Playfair – plans on looking for work experience and volunteering in order to get a job. Recipient of the Dennis Playfair Memorial Bursary and the Shirley Buck Memorial Award.

Nathan Playfair – plans to work full time at Conifex. Recipient of the Shirley Buck Memorial Award.

Samantha Roessler – short term plans to study Psychology at the University of Victoria in the fall, long term plans are to study Law. Recipient of the School District Scholarship, the UNBC Academic Achievers Award, C.U.P.E. Local 4177 “Club 91” Bursary, and Sharon Ottensen Memorial Bursary.

Sydney Thompson – plans to attend UNBC for her first year and attend BCIT and become an Ultrasound Tech. Recipient of the District of Fort St. James Scholarship, Taba Bursary, FSJSS PAC Bursary, and the FSJ Voluntary Fire Dept &Aux Bursary.

Cassandra Fry – plans to be someone who helps others. Recipient of the Jenni Goff.

Laura Landry – plans to work and save up for a camera and other things and go back to school to become a Photographer.

Daniel Repko – plans to take a Heavy Duty Apprentice course and get his Red Seal and continue working and playing in the outdoors that he loves. Recipient of the Regional District of Bulkey-Nechako Area “C” Bursary, School District Scholarship and the FSJSS PAC Bursary.

Oscar Croucher – plans to attend university and play football. Recipient of a UNBC Academic Achievers Award.

Other graduates not in attendance at the ceremony on Friday June 9; Darion Alexis, Dalee Felix, Harrison Hooke and Meaghan Leach.

– please note these are unverified award, bursary and scholarship details as observed by the editor at the ceremony.