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Fort St. James’ avian guardian and wildlife advocate: Brad Hoy

Brad Hoy. (Taylor Hansen photo)

Brad Hoy is a dedicated wildlife enthusiast and conservationist based in Fort St. James. His journey into the world of avian rehabilitation began in 2014 when an injured bald eagle landed in his yard.

Acting swiftly, Hoy managed to capture the bird and arranged for its rehabilitation at a facility in Prince George. Though the outcome for that particular eagle remains unknown, the experience ignited Hoy’s passion for aiding injured birds.

Since then, Hoy has been actively involved in bird rescue efforts in collaboration with rehabilitation outfits, particularly in Delta. His commitment is such that whenever conservation officers or wildlife rescue organizations receive calls regarding injured birds, they often turn to Hoy for assistance. Alongside his family, Hoy coordinates the retrieval and transportation of injured raptors, ensuring they reach the appropriate rehabilitation centers promptly.

Hoy’s involvement extends beyond mere transportation logistics; he plays a crucial role in stabilizing injured birds before they are transported for further care. Whether it’s providing immediate aid or arranging transportation via airplane or truck, Hoy ensures that each bird receives the necessary attention and treatment. His dedication to the cause has fostered strong relationships with conservation officers and trucking companies, facilitating smoother rescue operations.

One notable rescue involved a bald eagle found injured on the side of the road with a broken wing and lead poisoning. Brad and his wife sprang into action, retrieving the eagle and facilitating its journey to Delta for treatment. Thanks to their efforts and the expertise of rehabilitation professionals, the eagle successfully recovered and was eventually released back into the wild.

Hoy’s affinity for wildlife traces back to his childhood, where he displayed a natural knack for handling animals. Over the years, this affinity has evolved into a profound commitment to wildlife conservation. Even amidst his responsibilities as a truck driver and farm owner, Hoy’s dedication to bird rescue remains unwavering.

For Hoy, the most fulfilling aspect of his work lies in the release of rehabilitated birds back into their natural habitat. He finds joy in involving the local community in these releases, recognizing the significance of wildlife in various traditions and cultures. By engaging others in the release process, Hoy hopes to instill a deeper appreciation for nature and the importance of conservation efforts.

About the Author: Binny Paul

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