Nathan Cullen MP of Skeena—Bulkley Valley at the Soup Wallah on July 25. He’s been one of the Soup Wallah’s regular customers for the past five years and was shocked to hear the news, saying he will miss stopping in whenever he’s passing by which he does quite often. Photos by Fiona Maureen

Soup Wallah hangs up her apron

Friday July 28 was her last day open. Janna is taking a break, making a change after her five year winning recipe

It’s the last week that their favourite hangout will be open. A group of friends sit at a table in the back dining area, chatting while they enjoy their favourite Soup Wallah treat. They admire the familiar art around them and recall when the space was still part of Scott’s MXV gym.

The Soup Wallah has etched itself into the hearts of so many residents and visitors to Fort St. James. It’s been more than a natural pit stop for tasty fresh made soups, stews, baked goods, espresso, specialty sandwiches, and meals to stay or go.

Not long after opening in 2012 it quickly became the venue of choice for taking a slice of time out of busy schedules to celebrate life, health and friendship. That’s what you could expect when you stop in at the Soup Wallah; a feeling of full fed soul nourishment wrapped in sincere whole food consciousness.

It has been a ritualised hub for friends gatherings, socialising, informal meetings, a place to buy tickets, for job interviews, a place to get some remote work done, a parcel drop-off point, community event noticeboard, a rotating gallery exhibiting local art. She makes all her own bread, sauces and uses fresh ingredients as local as possible and what produce she can’t get her hands on people bring her from their local gardens produce so there’s always something in season.

Not surprising that the Soup Wallah was nominated for an innovative business award a few years ago as a hard working innovative entrepreneur Janna certainly is.

“It’s not just the food, it’s a place to crank up the music, have lots of laughs and dance in the kitchen”

“It’s a place to check in with all our friends, we wouldn’t see each other so much otherwise.”

“I’ll have to get a new coffee pot, but since we’re friends with Janna we know where she lives and we’ve got an in.”

What are you going to miss the most?

“The cinnamon buns and quesadillas. The fudge oat bars only on Fridays, the chocolate smoothies and the power cookies.”

“It’s so convenient with the laundromat next door.”

Friends show up early and take turns texting eachother pictures of the early bird hot pan steaming out the oven. A group of customers will literally run from the other side of town to get the limited supply of delicious treats while they last.

It’s a place for all types young and old. There’s a seniors crew who go to the gym and then have their coffee and get help with the crossword.

The daily specials are always more than enough but you can still order off the menu. Each item is a creation in istelf. Janna’s an artist in every sense of the word. She takes orders for specialty items right down to custom pictures in the foam of your coffee.

“She’s a food momma. She remembers what every- one likes.”

And if you overindulge, “the gym’s right next door so there’s no excuse.”

Eventhough Janna is making a change, you won’t have to miss her entirely as she will be opening a refreshment bar for recovery drinks, coffees and smoothies at her husband’s new MXV gym location at 449W Stuart Drive with Frank retiring from his longtime business Nechako Valley Electronics. The move and rennovation of the bigger location will take place through August.

Janna will also continue with offering Soup Wallah event catering, but more than anything she is looking forward to spending more time with family.

Look out for an interview with Frank in next week’s edition.


Last days at the Soup Wallah 2012 - 2017 Photo Fiona Maureen

Last days at the Soup Wallah 2012 - 2017 Photo Fiona Maureen

Last days at the Soup Wallah 2012 - 2017 Photo Fiona Maureen

Last days at the Soup Wallah 2012 - 2017 Photo Fiona Maureen

Last days at the Soup Wallah 2012 - 2017 Photo Fiona Maureen

Last days at the Soup Wallah 2012 - 2017 Photo Fiona Maureen

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