A walk for Fribjon

Eileen Bjornson, Fribjon's mother, and members of the Nak'azdli band have organized a walk from Kwah Hall to the house where he was found.

  • Feb. 8, 2012 6:00 a.m.

A walk  from Kwah Hall to the house where Fribjon Bjornson was found, followed by a candle laying and smudge has been organized by members of Nak’azdli and Eileen Bjornson, Fribjon’s mother.

The walk was organized as a spiritual ritual and as a  protest against violence in the community.

“This is a way for us to say ‘we won’t stand for this violence,” said Bjornson. “We have to come together.”

The walk is open to everyone from Nak’azdli and Fort St. James. Bjornson encourages anyone who can make it to come out because the violence affects everyone in the community.

“This is my son. This could be your son; it could be anyones son,” said Bjornson.

The walk is scheduled to begin at noon on Saturday, February 25, at Kwah Hall.

A memorial for Fribjon is as of yet unscheduled. Preparations for a memorial will begin when the body is returned to the parents.

Fribjon Bjornoson’s body was found in an empty house on the Nak’azdli reserve on February 1. The death has not been ruled as a homicide at this point by the RCMP

The 28 year old, from Vanderhoof, was reported missing on January 21. On January 23 the blue 1990 Chevrolet pickup he was driving was located near Fort St. James.

“Investigators remain in the community and are asking anyone with any information about the disappearance of Fribjon Bjornson and the on-going investigation to please contact police”, says Cpl. Annie Linteau spokesperson for the RCMP in BC. “We are attempting to gather evidence and ascertain the events that lead to Fribjon’s death”.