All Candidate Forum: Brings good crowd for councillor hopefuls

The All Candidate Forum was held on Dec. 7 at the Music Makers Hall in Fort St. James.

  • Dec. 14, 2016 3:00 p.m.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

The All Candidate Forum was held on Dec. 7 at the Music Makers Hall in Fort St. James.

The event, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce brought out a good crowd as all four candidates took to the podium.

Judy Greenaway, Allan Howell, Hallan Mtatiro and Bev Playfair all had an opportunity to share their reasons for running for Council, what they would like to offer the community of Fort St. James, local issues that they would like to confront and strengths that each has to offer if chosen.

Long- time resident of Fort St. James, Judy Greenaway is thrilled to be running and has become very passionate about the community that became her home 42 years ago.

“I want to help maintain the uniqueness that makes Fort St. James what it is today.”

Issues Greenaway would like to pursue if chosen include: improvements to infrastructure, timber supply including logging truck volume coming in and out of the community and recycling.

Allan Howell has been in Fort St. James his entire life and is a proud supporter of his community and surrounding area.

“I want to run for councillor because I want to address the questions and concerns on behalf of the community. I want to help find solutions,” Howell said. ‘

Howell is also passionate about cleaning up area streets, enticing people to move to town and encouraging local businesses.

“And it’s also about bringing community and District together,” Howell said.

Hallan Mtatiro arrived in Fort St. James two years ago.

And the town has certainly grown on him.

“This is such a dynamic place and I just want to bring everyone together,” Mtatiro said.

Mtatiro wants to bring perspective to the current team, help find water treatment solutions and focus on community integration.

“I want to serve and be of service to this community,” Mtatiro said.

Bev Playfair isn’t new to the local political seen.

Having served on council previously, Playfair believes she has much to offer through her experience.

“I love this town and I think it’s my time to get back into the community,” Playfair said.

“It’s amazing how we all stick together especially when tragedy strikes.”

Playfair, if chosen as councillor would like to address some of the following issues: timber supply, encouraging local business and tourism.

So, what do all candidates have to offer to council?

It all comes down to being proactive, energy, experience and knowledge.

The candidates were eager to address various questions from the audience.

And all came with a common purpose: a future vision of bringing community and council together.

General Voting Day will be open to qualified electors of the District of Fort St. James on Dec. 10, 2016 from 8am – 8pm at District Municipal Office located at 477 Stuart Drive West, Fort St. James, BC.