Changes, arrivals & departures in SD 91

Changes, arrivals & departures in SD 91

VANDERHOOF – Principal changes were announced today, June 30, by Manu Madhok, Assistant Superintendent, School District No. 91 (Nechako Lakes).

Wade Fitzpatrick

Mr. Fitzpatrick has accepted the vice-principal position at Fraser Lake Elementary – Secondary School following many years of serving as the principal of Sinkut View Elementary. Mr. Fitzpatrick has served his entire career within Nechako Lakes School District with teaching experiences at Eugene Joseph Elementary, Nechako Valley Secondary, Fraser Lake Elementary – Secondary, and Evelyn Dickson Elementary. He began his administrative career as the principal of Mapes Elementary prior to moving to Sinkut View.

Mr. Fitzpatrick is an experienced educator who looks forward to contributing to the FLESS school community. Wade is an active mountain biker who was extensively involved in the development of the Vanderhoof Bike Park. He can also be found on his snowmobile searching for mountains to explore in the winter, much to the chagrin of his wife.

Stacey Soffel

Ms. Soffel has accepted the principalship of Sinkut View Elementary and is looking forward to serving this small, vibrant school community. Ms. Soffel brings 12+ years of administrative experience to her new assignment, having served as a principal / vice principal at EBUS Academy, Fort Fraser Elementary and Fraser Lake Elementary – Secondary School. Ms. Soffel is a passionate educator who has taken the lead on many district educational technology initiatives.

Stacey is an active member of local horse and rodeo associations and is excited about creating authentic rural learning experiences within our schools.

Leona Prince

School District No. 91 welcomes Ms. Leona Prince as the new District Vice Principal of Aboriginal Education. Ms. Prince graduated from Lakes District Secondary School and is a member of Lake Babine First Nation. Ms. Prince comes to the Nechako Lakes School District with a wide variety of teaching, administrative and curriculum development experiences. Most recently Ms. Prince was the vice principal of Nusdeh Yoh Elementary School in SD 57 (Prince George). Ms. Prince has also acted as SD 57’s school-based and district resource teacher supporting classrooms and schools with Aboriginal perspectives and resources.

Along with school and district experience, Ms. Prince has travelled across the province supporting schools districts with the development of culturally relevant and authentic resources and the integration of Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives into classrooms. Ms. Prince was seconded to the BC Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium (BCERAC) where she was tasked with building the framework for the creation of the Aboriginal Education Support Site

As an ERAC evaluator Ms. Prince was a key member of teams tasked with reviewing, evaluating and recommending approval of resources for use in BC schools. Ms. Prince has provided leadership and guidance as a member of the British Columbia Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association’s Aboriginal Leadership Advisory Committee. Leona is continuing her learning through participation as a student in the Mentor Apprenticeship Language Program where fluent speakers are partnered with committed learners in an immersion environment in the home and on the land.

Megan Boniface

Ms. Boniface has accepted the vice principalship of EBUS Academy. Megan has been an online secondary teacher for EBUS for 5 years and has spent the last 7 years living in Langley serving EBUS students and families in the lower mainland. Prior to moving to Langley, Ms. Boniface had lived in Fort St James with her family and worked at both Nechako Valley Secondary School and EBUS Academy. Ms. Boniface brings extensive, exemplary teaching experience in rural, urban and online settings to her first administrative assignment.

Ms. Boniface is a passionate educator who has successfully helped EBUS work with a variety of educational partners across British Columbia to create unique educational programming that serves a diversity of students around the province. In her recent interview, she articulately shared her educational philosophy which is grounded in the following statements:

• Education is a powerful medium for change

• There is joy in learning

• The role of the school is to provide a safe, positive and inclusive environment that supports learning and growth.

Megan is excited to join the EBUS administrative team and is also looking forward to moving back up to central beautiful British Columbia with her husband and two young children.


The school district thanks Mr. Don Beadle for his service to the Francois Lake School community this previous school year and wishes him the best with future plans. The entire Nechako Lakes School District community fondly wishes Ms. Charlene Seguin a happy retirement.

Ms. Seguin has served our students, schools and communities for 39 years. She has been an outstanding advocate for all our students in her roles as Teacher, Director of Instruction, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of Schools. She has been an exemplary, committed and focused educational leader who will be missed. We all wish Charlene the very best in retirement.

“The school district had many retirees this year and we are grateful to this group of dedicated employees for their years of service to our students and schools. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!” says Manu Madhok, Assistant Superintendent, School District No. 91 (Nechako Lakes)


Changes, arrivals & departures in SD 91