Committee of the Whole Meeting Council Notes: Jan. 13

Fort St. James Council held a Committee of the Whole meetinG.

  • Jan. 20, 2016 9:00 a.m.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

Fort St. James Council held a Committee of the Whole meeting on Jan. 13. The following are some highlights and conclusions from that evening:

The Sowchea Fire Hall could be in trouble. Members from the Dept. and community members from the Sowchea area came to support the satellite location that recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Recent news from the Fire Hall’s insurer advises that insurance may be suspended or refused based on the fire protection area not being able to maintain a roster of 10 members.

This was surprising news to the volunteers from the Sowchea Fire Hall and they were looking for answers.

Mayor Rob MacDougall advised that a meeting will be taking place to discuss the issue further. “We have a huge investment there. It’s important to us too,” MacDougall said.

Grant in Aid funding was discussed for the Fort St. James Dog Sled well as a recommended amount of $1500.00 for donation.

A meeting regarding refugee settlement in Canada will be taking place in Fort St. James on Jan. 23. This may involve the possibility of sponsoring Syrian families.

The Application to Amend Landfill Permit 17995 for Conifex Inc., Fort St, James B.C. was discussed. The reasons for the amendments are as follows:

–          To allow for the deposit of up to 6,000 tonnes per year of wood ash from the biomass fired electrical power generation facility, owned by Fort St. James Green Energy Partner Ltd.

–          Remove the authorization to deposit combustion residue from the wood residue burner.

–          The application includes a request to remove the restriction on the final height of the landfill.

Issues surrounding the environment and the effects of airborne ash on homes were discussed. Council has decided that more feedback is needed and a letter will be drafted with more questions for Conifex.

Members of the Stuart Nechako Local of the British Columbia Trappers Association are adamantly opposed to the use of any herbicides in trapping areas. They have asked for assistance from FSJ District. A letter of support from District will be sent to the Association in support of this.

Council discussed the possibility of hosting the Northern Emergency Support Services Training Conference (NEST) in April, 2018. About 80 people will be hosted.

“It’s a great opportunity for the community and a manageable size to be able to host a conference of this kind,” Mayor MacDougall said.