Coworkers step up to help Elliot

Chris Elliot's coworkers are helping put together some of the things he will need after his home burned to the ground.

Chris Elliot lost his home on Kring Road in a house fire on Feb. 6.

Elliot’s home and all his belongings were lost when a blaze destroyed the home. Firefighters were unable to determine the cause of the fire.

Elliot, who was not insured for the loss, was at work when the fire took place, and it was residents who lived across Stuart Lake on Lower Road of Nak’azdli Reserve who called the fire department.

When firefighters arrived, it was already too late to save the structure or any of Elliot’s things.

Elliot works as a guard at the Fort St. James RCMP detachment and his coworkers stepped up to help when they heard the news and are asking for donations to help Elliot recover from this devastating loss.

“It’s pretty much, unfortunately, everything,” said Corporal Svend Nielson, an RCMP member at the local detachment helping set up the donations for Elliot. “He has nothing.”

While Nielson said Elliot plans on rebuilding, first there will be the matter of even clearing the debris of the ruins of the previous house, then he will have to find the basics for the home.

While Elliot is getting support from his coworkers, he will be starting from scratch to rebuild and then furnish the home with everything from sheets to a toaster.

An account has been set up through the Integris Credit Union to help Elliot and donations of household items are being collected through the local detachment.

Nielson said donors can stop into the Fort St. James or Vanderhoof Integris Credit Unions and say they would like to make a donation in trust for Chris Elliot.

Household items can be dropped off at the Fort St. James RCMP detachment, and a list will be started of what items have been donated, so he does not end up with eight toasters.