RCMP members attempt to help a deer stranded on the ice on Stuart Lake.

RCMP members attempt to help a deer stranded on the ice on Stuart Lake.

Deer on ice

A deer believed to have been chased onto the ice of Stuart Lake by dogs was put down after the animal was helped to shore.

  • Jan. 31, 2014 9:00 a.m.

Sometimes the best intentions and efforts still result in tragic endings.

A deer which some Stone’s Bay residents saw being harassed by dogs was unable to escape and was lying on the ice approximately 100 feet from shore near the end of Stone’s Bay Road on Jan. 18.

Residents called the Conservation Service, but no conservation officers were available to respond to help the animal, so residents contacted the RCMP to see if there was something they could do.

RCMP responded bringing some supplies and attempted to help the deer, roping the animal and pulling it along the ice to shore.

The animal struggled to get up repeatedly, falling over and over, was having difficulty walking and then was only able to go a short distance from the shore and before it laid down behind some bushes.

RCMP members decided the animal was likely suffering from internal injuries, as they had noticed some blood on the ice near where it had been curled up, but there were no obvious external injuries.

To prevent the animal from suffering further, the RCMP members made the decision to put down the animal, which they then did.

The meat from the deer was given to a family in need from Nak’azdli.