Fort St. James Council Meeting: Jan. 25

Fort St. James Council held a Regular Meeting on Jan 25. The following are a few highlights and conclusions from the evening:

  • Feb. 1, 2017 11:00 a.m.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

Fort St. James Council held a Regular Meeting on Jan 25.  The following are a few highlights and conclusions from the evening:

April Hughes from Northern Health provided an update on current health initiatives and issues.

A new service delivery model is focusing on primary care from a community care perspective with a family focus.

This includes the new paramedicine initiative that is currently running in Fort St. James as two community paramedics have been hired. Northern Health continues to support this community based service.

The flu outbreak has heavily impacted the very young and the elderly especially this year. Northern Health urges all to receive the flu vaccination particularly if visiting long term health care facilities on a regular basis.

Fentanyl continues to be a problem and Northern Health urges people to get naloxone kits. These kits are available through Public Health.

“All of our communities have been affected by overdoses,” Hughes said.

An update regarding the Curling Club Renovations was presented to council.

It is close to completion but funding is still necessary for the ceiling, kitchen and walkway leading upstairs.

The club is scheduled to reopen for the Ladies Bonspiel, Feb. 10 – 11.

The Curling Club continues to be run on volunteerism but more volunteers are needed.

Yves and Lorraine Ouellette have for a Development Variance Permit with respect to lands located at 158-174 2nd Avenue in Fort St. James.

The proponents have asked in a reduction of the minimum rear yard from 7.5 metres to 1.2.metres. They intend to build a communal recreation hall for use by residents only of the seniors housing complex currently under construction.

Nearby residents are concerned about utilities in that area but all seems in place according to District Council.

The plan is that this housing will be for seniors specifically but right now there is a mix of residents and open to anyone.

Council received a report on the “Blue Dot Movement”. This is a national campaign for federal legislation regarding environmental rights. Canada is among a minority of countries that does not recognize a right to a healthy environment. The aim of this movement is to have local governments pass municipal declarations supporting environmental rights. Once enough support is received, the group will lobby the Federal Government.

“This allows us to work towards a goal,” Mayor MacDougall said. “We have many challenges including recycling and this encourages us to look closely at our own environmental issues.”

Grant in Aid for the upcoming Caledonia Classic in the amount of $3000 was approved by Council.

The District of Fort St. James seeks to maximize service to their customers through an Administrative Fairness Policy established to provide for appropriate and timely review of decisions and recommendations. The District of Fort St. James sees this policy as part of quality assurance and good service to the public. Any member of the public will be provided a copy of the policy upon request. Any member who questions the manner in which a decision may be reviewed will also be provided with a copy of the policy.