Fort St. James Council Meeting: March 9

Fort St. James Council held a meeting on March 9. The following are some highlights and conclusions from that evening:

  • Mar. 23, 2016 8:00 p.m.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

Fort St. James Council held a meeting on March 9. The following are some highlights and conclusions from that evening:

Members of the Syrian Refugee Group of Fort St. James presented information regarding the sponsorship of two Syrian families. The first fundraiser will be held on March 19, at Fort St. James Secondary High School that will include a potluck dinner. All are welcome to bring their favorite ethnic dish. Council has agreed to make a donation towards the event.

Minor amendments are being made to the Arena Ice Allocation Policy that is currently in effect. The objective is to make arena ice time available to user groups in a fair and balanced basis.

Grants in Aid Approval guidelines were discussed. The policy says that the Council of the District of Fort St. James may, at their discretion and within the annual budget, provide financial assistance to individuals or groups meeting specific criteria outlined in the policy.

An applicant must complete the District of Fort St. James Grant-in-Aid application form and projected budget forms along with a cover letter explaining the purpose of the organization and the grant request and submit it to the District of Fort St. James office. Applicants are encourages to submit an application at least thirty days prior to the date that the stated activity will occur.

Tl’azt’en Nation will be hosting a Career and Education Fair on April 6. They have invited Council to attend. “It’s important that we include and support them,” Mayor MacDougall said.

Regarding radon awareness, BC’S Office of Housing and Construction Standards, Building and Safety Standards Branch has developed changes to the 2012 BC Building Code’s measures for controlling soil gases. The BCBC requires that all new homes be provided with basic radon protection measures. This is achieved by including a roughed-in radon vent pipe with an effective air-barrier system with appropriate ventilation.

Although these measures provide some protection, they may not be a complete solution. Home owners are urged to purchase radon awareness kits. For more information visit:

Stuart Lake Co-op Housing project provided information regarding the senior housing in Fort St. James. Construction is currently underway.

Fort St. James will be hosting NESTT 2017. Arrangements are being made so that the community can provide an exceptional training and exercise event.