Fort St. James Council Meeting: May 25

Fort St. James Council held a meeting on May 25. The following are some highlights and conclusions from that evening:

  • Jun. 1, 2016 9:00 a.m.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

Fort St. James Council held a meeting on May 25. The following are some highlights and conclusions from that evening:

Council received a presentation from the Nechako Valley Community Services Society.

The Society is a registered non-profit social services agency established in 1977 that provides support, education and empowerment to individuals and families to enhance independence, confidence and wellness while respecting the diversity within their communities.

Christine Kenney also presented on behalf of Beyond the Market. Kenney is the new program coordinator and discussed the program’s initiatives.

Beyond the Market continues to provide training and professional development opportunities to farmers in Fort St. James.

Stuart Lake Outreach Group’s grant in aid application was discussed. Food hamper numbers have risen. Why are there more people in need in the community? A meeting will be planned with the group and District to discuss the issue further.

Music on the Mountain will receive a grant and assistance from Public Works for the upcoming summer music Festival.

Nak’azdli Recycling Application to Rural Dividend Fund was discussed. A letter of support from Council was requested.

The focus of the application includes: projects that build the resources, capabilities and capacities of communities to deal with their economic challenges and changes and also projects that provide or improve community services to support economic diversity, expand market accessibility and enhance quality of life to attract investment.

Council has been invited to share in a celebratory dinner on May 31 for Todd Alec who recently graduated from the Northern Medical Program at the University of Northern British Columbia. Alec is from Fort St. James.

Nahounli Creek Group is currently working towards a restoration strategy and plan and has had a good response and attendance at meetings representing community and industry leaders, First Nations partners and individuals representing the Ministry of Forests and Lands and Natural Resources.

Objectives have been set, a clean-up day has already taken place and future projects are currently being planned.