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Friday night movies by Fort St. James Secondary School to return

Movie nights to support Grade 9 class trip to Haida Gwaii

Friday night movies by Fort St. James Secondary School are back after mayor and council recently supported a grant-in-aid request.

The fundraiser, supporting Grade 9 students and their annual trip to Haida Gwaii, will start Friday, Sept. 24, with Pixar’s computer-animated film Soul.

“It’s a place that most students wouldn’t get to make in their lifetime, so, it’s somewhere they get to go that’s sort of unique, and then they get to learn about the Haida people and their culture,” said carpentry, metal fabrications and mechanics teacher Gary Soles.

During the trip to Haida Gwaii, students will explore the museum and get to take part in nature hikes.

The students are also provided the opportunity to go surfing on North Beach, which is another activity most of them have never experienced, Soles added.

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Computer technology and media arts teacher Andrew Vogelsang called the trip a great bonding experience for students as well.

“We’re all out at this big lodge, so friendships are made. People start hanging out with people they don’t normally hang out with in the school environment, and it just sort of creates a more cohesive culture in that grade moving forward,” he said.

The last such trip providing students with memories into their high school graduation was in 2019.

Both teachers agreed it was important for the Friday night movies to return, with Vogelsang noting they would get quite a few attendees.

“There’s not a lot of things for families to do and for kids to come to see, so it worked out really well and we’re hoping to get that back up because I know a lot of people really missed it,” Vogelsang said.

Mayor and council agreed to allow the school to use the Community Centre Theatre on Friday nights at no rental cost to the school during a regular council meeting held Sept. 14,

Showtimes are at 7 p.m, and concession including popcorn, chocolate bars and pop will be available.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required for people 12 and up.

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