GUF members clean up garbage on April 30. (Submitted photo)

GUF members clean up garbage on April 30. (Submitted photo)

GUF volunteers “dismayed” at the quantity of garbage found in Fort St. James during annual clean-up

The annual Nahounli Creek clean-up drive was organized by members of Fort St. James’ Greening Up Fort (GUF) Society.

There were 7 members of GUF that participated in the clean-up and they picked up everything from metal pipes, recyclable bottles and cans, needles, clothing, cigarette butts and more.

In a May 26 email , Lynne George said members were “dismayed” at the quantity of garbage found, and were “somewhat disgusted” at the assortment of items that were thrown out in a public area of the district.

George said as a reminder to the public to secure garbage at this time of the year so bears are not able to spread it around. She also added that people need to secure garbage on the way to the transfer station as that road is littered from garbage flying out from vehicles.

“As one of our members put it, people who show disrespect for our environment by littering, don’t deserve this beautiful planet,” George said.

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Aman Parhar
Editor – Vanderhoof Omineca Express, Caledonia Courier

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