Help keep The Courier up to date on the community

There have been some changes which will impact the local newspaper in the new year.

There have been some changes which will impact the local newspaper in the new year.

While in September and October I had published information on an internship I would be going on in Bolivia and a fundraiser I held for the trip, the date changed.

While originally, I was scheduled to leave in November, the leader of the project I was going to document asked me to come in January instead, due to the stage of the project and other logistical considerations.

Now, I am still leaving, and will go in January and be gone for seven weeks, until the end of February.

I will be sending back some information on the project and what I am doing when I can to The Courier, and I will also be publishing some of my work on the International Bridges to Justice blog:

I will do more personal updates and posts, time permitting on my own personal blog:

While I am away, there were plans in the works to replace me with someone who would then be based in the community to fill in while I am gone.

The replacement will be living in Fort St. James, if housing is found in time, for the entire seven weeks, as well as a bit of overlap for training.

It is always difficult when a new reporter comes to a community to find out what is going on and to keep on top of all the news and events.

However, there is something the community can do.

It is always impossible to get to everything when you are the one person doing an entire newspaper in a community with as much going on as this one.

So to help keep as much local content in the paper as possible, anyone and everyone who attends events, who photographs events, who has information on what is taking place can please call and let the paper know as much information as possible at 996-8482. People can also send in clear, high-resolution photographs with names and the relevant information for any event possible to