Hockey Banquet: end of a successful season

It was a celebration of all minor hockey teams at the Community Centre in on Feb. 22 in Fort St. James.

Barbara LatkowskiCaledonia Courier

It was a celebration of all minor hockey teams at the Community Centre in on Feb. 22 in Fort St. James.

Minor Hockey President, Jeremy Johnson was thrilled with a very successful season and with all of the support received from the community.

“And thanks to all parents and coaches. This season could not have happened without all of their support,” Johnson said.

Anthony Boyd, assistant coach of the Tykes Team couldn’t agree more.

“It’s all about having fun and parents made sure that happened. Everyone was so committed,” Boyd said.

Teams made their way up to the podium and were congratulated and awarded for their many achievements throughout the season.

“It’s all about having fun, but it’s mostly about getting these kids wanting to play. Minor Hockey has a promising future here in Fort St. James,” Johnson said.

“And I’m a true believer of cross ice play and I’d like to congratulate all of the coaches.”

With the new B.C. Minor Hockey Initiation Program that began this season, it was clear that players gained a greater foundation of early skills development.

The program benefits all players 8 year-old and under as they make their way cross-ice rather than endlessly chasing the puck on full-ice as was the case in previous years.

B.C. Hockey says that the benefits of playing cross-ice are to teach the foundational skills of hockey but while having fun at the same time.

According to local Tykes coaches, the program is flexible with limited rules and allows associations to be creative as they try new ideas to work at making minor hockey appealing to more families.

And they have seen many benefits this year as half ice games allows each player to touch the puck more and slower players are not left out of play.

And Johnson too was thanked for all of his hard work and dedication as his four years of serving as Minor Hockey President came to an end.