Mount Milligan looks at possible shift change

Mount Milligan may go to a seven-on, seven-off shift.

Mount Milligan may go to a seven-on, seven-off shift.

Owners Thompson Creek have been considering the option, which Jocelyn Fraser, director of public affairs for Thompson Creek in Canada, says was something the company always said it could look at.

She said recruiting for operational staff for the mine could be helped by the shift change, and a poll done of current mine staff showed the majority of workers would prefer the seven days on, alternated with seven days off shift to the current four-on, four-off shift, including employees from the local area.

“We think seven-on, seven-off has some potential,” said Fraser. She also said so far the Mackenzie community has been more supportive of the option than the Fort St. James community.

The mine construction is still on schedule, according to Fraser, and is continuing as planned, after further funds were raised by Thompson Creek selling a further 12.5 per cent of the future gold production of the mine. This raised an additional $200 million for the project.

The office in Fort St. James has again been reopened with the hiring of a front desk person, as well.