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The BC Wildlife Federation has launched an online petition

BC Wildlife Federation

BC Wildlife Federation

SURREY — The BC Wildlife Federation has launched an online petition calling on the BC government to increase funding and to set objectives for our fish,wildlife and habitat. B.C is one of the most biodiverse jurisdictions in North America and at the same time one of the most under-funded. The intent of the petition is to convey the importance British Columbians place on fish, wildlife and habitat.

British Columbians have seen multi-decadal declines in funding and capacity for fish and wildlife management, and those declines are being reflected in our fish and wildlife populations.

While BC’s population has grown, placing more pressure on fish and wildlife, funding and capacity have declined. Steelhead populations which once numbered over 3,000 have now crashed to less than 500. Many moose populations recently saw 50-70% declines, yet have no measurable objectives for recovery.

“We are losing what makes BC special,” BCWF President Jim Glaicar said. “When we look at our neighbouring fish and wildlife agencies they have dedicated funding sources, and measurable objectives for fish and wildlife populations; BC does not. BC needs to shift its thinking so that we can ensure future generations get to experience the same things we have.

Managing a dwindling resource to zero isn’t good enough.”

The petition is part of an awareness campaign the BCWF is embarking on which includes Town Halls, and questions to MLA candidates which are posted on the BCWF website. Signatures for the petition will be gathered until May and the petition will be presented in the legislature after the provincial election.

Go to to sign the petition.