Physiotherapy funding for Seniors

Significant financial resources will soon be allocated to healthcare

Vancouver– Christine Bradstock, Chief Executive Officer of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC), said today she was pleased with the announcement by the Province of B.C. that significant financial resources will soon be allocated to healthcare, and especially residential care for seniors.

“Seniors are the fastest growing segment of the provincial population,” said Bradstock, “so the province’s commitment to allocate $500-million over a fouryear period specifically to care for elderly British Columbians is very welcome news.”

Bradstock also drew attention to the fact that the government will hire, over the next four years, 1500 new healthcare staff to care for seniors – with a specificmention made in the Province of British Columbia’s news release to recruit additional physiotherapists.

“Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who add considerable value to B.C.’s health system and especially to seniors’ care,” said Bradstock.”Among many other things, physios teach fall prevention strategies to elderly British Columbians; design programs to ensure seniors enjoy speedy recoveriesfrom injury or surgery; and help older people to maintain healthy and active lifestyles as they age.”

Bradstock further noted that the PABC has been publishing a series of position papers in advance of the province’s May 9 general election, and the second such paper, released on February 16, was entitled Physiotherapy Can Improve Health for Seniors.

“In 1976, seniors represented just 9.7 per cent of B.C.’s population,” said Bradstock, “and last year the comparable number was 18.0 per cent. By 2036, residents age 65 years and older will be 25.3 per cent of our total population, so it’s important we provide cost-effective healthcare to this fast growing population segment – and the evidence in this regard clearly proves that Physio Can Help.”

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