Protestors Arrested in McLeod Lake Blockade

Five protestors were arrested in relation to a blockade of the McLeod Lake Indian Band Office.

Five protestors opposed to an agreement signed by their leaders with the Mount Milligan Mine were arrested for at a blockade on June 4.

The blockade was set up at the McLeod Lake Indian Band office, preventing staff and community members from entering the building.

RCMP arrested the five after a court injunction was issued last week in response to the blockade of the office.

The arrests were made without incident and two other community members and three elders all turned themselves in as well to speak to their involvement with the blockade.

The RCMP respects the right to lawful protests, however, in saying this, if the protest is no longer peaceful or lawful the police will need to mitigate the circumstances. stated Cst.Lesley Smith, North District media liaison for the RCMP in her release. Five protestors were arrested and removed from blocking the McLeod Lake Indian Band Office and McLeod Lake Forestry Building without incident. Those arrested were transported to the Prince George Law Courts where they will appear before a Supreme Court Justice to speak to these matters.