Members of the local Sun Run training group Salmon Chasers travelled to Vancouver to participate in the annual Sun Run on April 17.

Members of the local Sun Run training group Salmon Chasers travelled to Vancouver to participate in the annual Sun Run on April 17.

Salmon Chasers run to the sun

Fort St. James Salmon Chasers travelled to Vancouver in April to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run.

The journey began in January 2011.

Ninety-eight people committed to a 13 week training program and fundraising with the end goal to be able to complete a 10 km event, whether it be in Fort St. James or in the metropolis of Vancouver, BC.

Through out the journey we experienced an amazing sense of unity, pride and dedication.  United as a team called the Salmon Chasers, supporting each other each step of the way and empowering ourselves to feel like we can overcome any challenge placed before us.

On days when the temperatures dipped to -26 degrees, when aches and pains set in or when the morale was low and the simple act of putting on the runners seemed too much, we found it within ourselves to carry on with what we committed to. Thank you to Charmagne Moise, Lisa Sam, Louise Evans-Salt for being such inspirational WalkRun Leaders! Each Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 PM and Sundays at noon, we would begin to gather to put another training day behind us.  It was this unity and comradery we developed with each other that carried us through.

Our fundraising was comprised of bake sale/ raffles at the bingo’s, the Aaron Pritchett Concert, family dances, St. Patty’s Day Dinner, silent auctions, and raffles with cash prizes or Canuck hockey tickets.  We were provided with generous donations from The Wizard, All Season Mountain Holidays, New Haven Architects, Conifex Inc., Barton Insurance, Richard Evans, Tl’azt’en Chief and Council, and Nak’azdli Chief and Council.  We would like to express how grateful we are for your generous donations, the Salmon Chasers success is your success.

Without the communities support we would not have been able to accomplish such an amazing goal.

On April 17, 61 Salmon Chasers participated in the Vancouver Sun Run 2011.  We were a part of a corporate team of 500 participants called  ‘Aboriginal WalkRun’.  Of these 500 participants we had 4 Salmon Chasers place in the top 10!  Dustin Moise 48:21, Todd Alec 49:08, Murphy Thomas 49:50 and Renada Walstrom 50:45.

All the Salmon Chasers did an outstanding job, please read each name below and know that they each are outstanding, strong, dedicated individuals.

It’s not about winning the race, its about the journey we took along the way to get to the finish line.

So when you see these amazing individuals in town ask them about their experience, you’ll feel privileged to get a sense of what it was all about!




Andrew Mulroy                   April Thomas               Catherine Lessard       Caroline Bird

Donnie Ketlo                       Quinton Sam                 Rylee Julian               Valerie Prince

Kyle Isaac                            David Thomas              David Tibbetts            Margo Sagalon

Allisonn Moise                    Elizabeth Sam               Theresa Sam               Pete Erickson

Dallas Sam                           Tania Julian                  Laurie Moise             Joshua Hallman

Charmagne Moise                Shelagh Crookes          Sharon Rawluk           Byron Roberts

Nigel Sagalon                       Kirk Solonas                Randy Rawluk            Myrna Thomas

Louise Evans-Salt                Kristy Henkes               Susan Erickson          Lisa Sam

Steven Sam                          Mona Sam                     Louella Sam              Ludale Prince

Charlene Webb                    Petulla Maxwell           Katelyn Henkes        Anne Marie Sam

Jalissa Julian                        Tania Prince                  Dennise Bolton         Sidney Tibbetts

Christa Prince                       Nikki Martin                 Ruby Taylor              Lillian Sam

Kristen Sam                          Nadine Sam                  Dale Joseph               Cole Felix

Patricia Pius                          Tiffany Felix                 Tracey Solonas         Jean Felix

Pricilla Sagalon




While 61 on of the Salmon Chasers were in Vancouver doing the Sun Run, we had  about 25  Salmon Chasers here in Fort St. James, completing a 10 km on April 17.  Congratulations and thank you to Winnie Sam for organizing a successful event.

We encourage you all to join us on Tuesday and Thursdays 4:30 and Sundays at noon for a walk or a run. Leaving from the Nak’azdli Health Center!